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  • Exceptional problem solving skills and ability to quickly adapt to new challenges
  • Excellent team player, works well as an individual contributor, technical lead, or engineering manager
  • Motivated and productive, invested in the success of the project, the team, and the company

Employment Experience

Slack Technologies, Inc., San Francisco, CA, October 2018—

  • Senior Staff Software Engineer, February 2022—
  • Staff Software Engineer, October 2018—February 2022

Turbine Labs, Inc., San Francisco, CA, June 2015—October 2018

  • Founder, CTO
    • Built and managed an engineering team of six, and a SaaS product for closed-loop layer 7 traffic management.

Twitter, Inc., San Francisco, CA, June 2010—April 2015

  • Staff Software Engineer, June 2014—April 2015
    • Returned to software engineering as member of the Traffic Control team, which owns libraries and services that enable service discovery and dynamic request routing.
  • Senior Engineering Manager, October 2012—June 2014
    • As manager of the user lookup service, helped to scale the team from three to eight, the internal customer base into the hundreds, and the read throughput into the millions of users per second.
    • Helped incubate the team responsible for the social graph service, mentoring the technical lead who would eventually become the team's manager.
  • Staff Software Engineer, June 2010—October 2012
    • Founding member of the Platform Services group, which was responsible for porting much of the then-monolithic Ruby on Rails application to a JVM-based microservice architecture.
    • Technical lead of the OAuth authentication service, used to authenticate all inbound requests.
    • Technical lead of the user lookup service, which is called (often more than once) for nearly every inbound request.
    • Contributed to Twitter open-source libraries such as Finagle, Util and Joauth.

TiVo Inc., Alviso, CA, August 2005—May 2010

  • Rapidly promoted from junior engineer to software architect in fewer than five years
  • As architect, provided leadership, guidance, and mentorship to other engineers and technical oversight of the TiVo service, while remaining a productive developer.
  • Founding member of Service Architecture Steering Committee, which provides architectural guidance and prioritization to the management team for the TiVo service.
  • As technical lead on development of Java/Tomcat/MySQL webservices backend for TiVo Premiere & TiVo Search, scoped, designed, coordinated, and participated in implementation effort, working closely with client team to increase speed and efficiency and handle bandwidth and client constraints.
  • Contributed to design, implementation and maintenance of core server infrastructure in C++
  • Wrote internal Web-based tools in PHP for configuring, testing and managing the service

Liberate Technologies, San Carlos, CA, November 2000—December 2001

  • Developed HTML/JavaScript set-top box-based demonstrations of cutting-edge interactive TV applications
  • Proposed and led project to create a sales/marketing DVD of over 70 iTV demos, using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro.
  • Maintained and updated the corporate website

Interactive Bureau / Circle.com, New York City, NY, April 1999—August 2000

  • Worked primarily as a client-side web programmer, hand-coding table-based HTML pages from PSDs.
  • As lead programmer on a complete top-down redesign of the IBM corporate intranet, coded template pages for distribution throughout the company, designed and implemented interfaces for user-customization of features on the intranet home page.
  • Designed graphics and interfaces using Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash
  • Provided tech support to growing staff of nearly 100 employees, ordered and installed required hardware and software, upgraded the network to handle increased capacity requirements

Freelance Web Programmer, January 1999—August 2005

  • Designed and developed a variety of Web sites for individuals and small companies.

Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn, NY, September 1998—June 1999

  • Taught courses in general computing, desktop publishing, programming and web programming to students from third to twelfth grades.


University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, September 2003—June 2005

  • Bachelor of Science with High Honors in Computer Science and Engineering: June 2005, GPA: 3.89

Brown University, Providence, RI, September 1994—May 1998

  • Bachelor of Arts in History: May 1998, GPA: 3.4


  • Designed and maintain apple-history.com, which for more than a decade has included descriptions, specs and pictures of every Apple computer ever made.
  • Also enjoy electronic music, science fiction, cooking, playing guitar, and being a dad.


Available upon request